Orthodox Celts – Stand Up To Your Devils chords

Chord progression is G C G D / Em C G D

verse 1:

G C G DI grew up in Ireland in dear old Dublin town
G C G Dbrought up by a people who`d let nothing get them down
Em C G DI was taught while still a child to stand up for me rights
Em C G DPrepare to face the devil that would plague me in my life
verse 2: I served a long apprenticeship a very honest trade and met so many devils of whom I felt afraid But fathers words came back to me when I wanted to back down I looked each devil in the eye and boldly stood me ground Chorus:
G C G D Stand up to your devils or they`ll walk over you
G C G D remember, son, the devils come in many shapes and hues
Em C G D There`s devil that is handsome, the devil that is mean
Em C G D Some of them look scruffy and some look far too clean
verse 3: I tried me hand at courting and women found me sweet Until I met McKenna who knocked me off my feet Oh Lord was she a lover with a temper of a shrew She not just knocked me off me feet, she knocked me black and blue verse 4: Sure she was a devil dressed up in Angel`s guise When you`d least expect a cloud she`d hit you `tween the eyes She started talking marriage each time she looked at me I felt 'twas time I got to know the devils of the sea - chorus verse 5: I waved my hand and said goodbye as ship pulled from the quay Adventure layed before me and so did seven seas I travelled many ocean miles and found from east to west The devils you are safest with are those that you know best - chorus
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