Other Lives - Desert chords

Desert by Other Lives 
(from Tamer Animals)

- not sure if it's the right key

intro : C#7 D

D reclaims the land,
F#m C#7and we return full in colour.
C#7Dark Sea
Ddon't bother me,
F#m C#7when water turns into land.
C#7Oh our end
Dhas come at last,
F#m C#7and we return full in colour.
C#7Oh I see
DI see the fires ahead,
Abut in my mind
C#7it's turning cold.
C#7The Sun
Dwill freeze
F#m C#7and our fate don't bother me.
C#7The rise
Dof the sea
A C#7 Ddoes not concern me when
A C#7all of your city lights
Dturn your brightest day
A C#7 Dinto sleepless night.
A C#7 But it's not me,
DNo, it's not me.
The Sun will freeze, and our fate don't bother me. The rise of the sea, does not concern me when all of your city lights turn your brightest day into sleepless night. and the rising and all, you are now watching out. But it's not me, No it's not me. It's not me, It's not me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transcribed by Hugo Scott
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