Otis Taylor – Ten Million Slaves tab

10 Million Slaves
Otis Taylor
Recapturing the Banjo


As I'm sure is painfully obvious from both the song and the album title, this is played
a banjo. Admittedly, a pretty kick-ass sounding one, but a banjo nonetheless. Therefore,
not quite played on guitar as naturally as one would like, but it's pretty easy once you 
the hang of it. And it's an awesome sounding song.

Main riff:

G Fe|-3-3-x-3-------------3-3-x-3-------------1-1-x-1-----------3-3-x-3------------||B|-3-3-x-3------1------3-3-x-3------1------1-1-x-1-----------3-3-x-3------1-----||G|-0-0-x-0--0h3---3p0--0-0-x-0--0h3---3p0--2-2-x-2----2p0----0-0-x-0--0h3---3p0-||D|-----------------------------------------3-3-x-3--3-----3---------------------||A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------||E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
That's it. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting the little doodling in the beginning tabbed Enjoy!
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