Our Lady Peace - Julia tab

From: sports2@genie.geis.com
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 18:05:00 UTC

"Julia" - Our Lady Peace
From the album NAVEED
Intro x 2
N.C. Can you see her standing there well she's trying to find just anywhere there are flowers in her hair but she doesn't know why C D# Bb F offerred is advice to you C D# Bb B B B but all you do was fake it ====== Chorus ====== C D# C D# mother - she's only yours tonight C D# Bb F mother - and she never cries C D# C D# mother -I know there is hurt inside C D# Bb F Julia =============== Play Intro here x 1 =============== N.C. drowning in her own visions she's begging the past to stay behind a black cat in the night and there's a black cat in the sky C D# Bb F offered is advice to you C D# Bb F F F F you left but I don't blame you. ============ Chorus again ============ A# G# we're digging we're digging up the past A# G# crossing crossing crossing that line A# G# to bury, to bury to bury it A# one last time ==== Solo ====
e----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G---6--5-3-5--3-5--3-5--3-5-------------------- x 2D-------------------------------6--------6-----A----------------------------5b---3b--5b---3b--E----------------------------------------------
offerred is advice to you and all you do was fake it I know there's pain inside that truth but you just have to take it ====== Chords ====== C - x35553 D# - x68886 Bb - x13331 F - 133211 A# - 688766 G# - 466544 Duncan sports2@genie.com - Corrections (and thankyou's) welcome!
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