Our Lady Peace – Blister tab

Hi guys, I don't tab songs much so please forgive me if this sounds off. 
I've done it for acoustic guitar as I couldn't find chords for this anywhere, 
so I think it sounds slightly different from the original song. 
But it is nice and simple! 
Feel free to submit corrections or opinions in the comments.

Standard tuning, capo 1

Am     Fm
Lately I can't breathe
Am             Fm
Waiting they're chasing me
C                  Fm            C
No one listens but i'm ok with it

Am     Fm 
Only I wonder why
   Am       Fm
If only my hands weren't tied
   C                      Fm           C
The world's a blister but i'm ok with it

Fm     C     G
What if I was there
Fm     C     G
What if I was scared
Fm     C    
I'm waiting for...
Fm     C    
They're at my door
Fm     C     G
But I'll be back again

Am          Fm 
Lonely, I'm wandering
  Am           Fm 
Patrolling for enemies
C                  Fm            C
No one listens but I'm ok with it


Fm     C     G
And I'll be back again

bridge x2:
You wonder why
I don't know
You shout at me
Let me go

chorus etc
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