Our Lady Peace – Supermans Dead tab

it works for me but it might not for you... here she goes

B         D                  A        C
do you worry that you're not liked
how long till you break
     D                A
you're happy cause you smile
C                  B
but how much can you fake
   D                           A
an ordinary boy an ordinary name
D                 A             C     
but ordinary's just not good enough today

B           D 
oh a hoo hoo  Alone i'm thinking

B      D        A      C
why is superman dead
B          D     A     C
is it in my head
B    D        A        C
we'll just laugh instead
B          D       A      C
you worry about the weather and
whether or not you should hate

are you worried about your faith
kneel down and obey 
you're happy you're in love
you need someone to hate
an ordinary girl an ordinary waist
but ordinary's just not good enough today 

Repeat chrous

same chords umm so yea i think it's ok check it out give me feedback!!
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