Ours – Outside tab

Tabbed by Matt Torres (aeongrey81@comcast.net) on 11/02/02. 

The hardest thing about this song is the plucking. I've found it's easiest if
you just pay attention to the pattern your right hand (or whatever hand you
strum/pluck with) is playing and practice it a lot...its not complex, just pretty fast.

The fingerings are pretty easy....anyway, the song is pretty much just 2 "figures" repeated.
Here they are

*----Figure 1----*

16th notes

Repeat 2x:

*----Figure 2----* 16th notes Repeat 2X:
That's it....the intro is just figure one over and over, then when the vocals come in, just start playing figure one twice, then figure 2 twice...and so on. just listen to the song to figure out theexact arrangement. enjoy!
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