Ours – Fallen Flower chords

[Verse 1]
Dm GmMy dear you stood tall
C AYour skin so fair and you were innocent
Dm GmYou appeared to be strong
C AYour beauty called to me from within
Dm GmI hear your song and
C FMelodies are circling my mind
Gm BbmWho hears a fallen flower
[Verse 2]
Dm GmFrom a sleep I was torn
C ATurned into an overnight widow
Dm GmAnd the freeze took you home
C ALeft me alone and in my meadow
Dm GmThe years I had grown and
C FPut you under shadow in the night
Gm BbmWho hears a fallen flower
DmWhen it dies
[Solo] Gm C F Gm Bbm [Bridge]
BbAll of your dreams will pass
GmOnly love can last
Bb DmOnly good is able to remain
Gm Dm ASo sleep and be calm__________
[Verse 3]
Dm GmMy dear you are home
C AWhere nobody can touch your halo
Dm GmAnd I play your favorite song
C AWith hopes to feel you on my pillow
Dm GmMy tears are falling
C FMemories are circling my mind
Gm Bbm DmMy dear, my fallen flower
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