Outsiders - Misfit tab

The Outsiders (Netherlands) - Misfit


G|-----------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------|A|------------------8-11-8-11--------------------|E|-13-13-11h13-8-13------------------------------| *repeat x2
...then guitar comes in
e|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|1-2--2-2--2-2------------------------------------|D|2-3--3-3--3-3------------------------------------|A|2-3--3-3--3-3------------------------------------|E|0/1--1-1--1-1------------------------------------| *repeat
*F E-based barre chord...you kinda slide it from an open E real fast while continuously down strumming to get that rock-a-surfy sound going... Verse: F A# We all know just what you are....and how come you are what you are Ab F ...and why it just ain't possible....to turn you on *all A-based barre chords Change: A F You thought you could make it...tried to join our... A C F You thought we were....you didn't stand a chance...... *E-based barre chords... with more of the sliding chord technique like the intro thrown in here and there Song: intro verse change intro verse change intro solo----sounds like fuzzed out riffing changing between pentatonic Fm and Am scales verse change end with a nice Dick Dale-esque run on the low E string you pretty gotta listen to the song for strumming patterns and timing....thanks and enjoy!
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