Oval Opus – Whisper Live tab

Standard Tuning
Capo On Third Fret
Tabbed by : Colin Paloma
Chords :
The actual names of the chords, thanks to the capo, would be D, G, and C Minor,
but for simplicity, we'll say the shapes :

Intro and Verse chords - C F
Bridge Chords          - Am G F

Chord Diagrams:

C : e|--0 F : e|--0 Am : e|--0 G : e|--3-| B|--1 B|--1 B|--1 B|----|(3) G|--0 G|--2 G|--2 G|--0-| D|--2 D|--3 D|--2 D|--0-| A|--3 A|--x A|--0 A|--2-| E|--x E|--x E|--x E|--3-|
For the intro and verse, Josh just plays arpeggiated C and F chords with an additional note in the C and F, as well as a hammer-on. Then in the bridge, he goes to the Am, G, and picks thru the F alittle. In the live version of the song, there's an additional "verse" I guess you can call it, in which Josh just strums the C and F chords with a hammer-on and pull-off flair of the additional notes. Anyway, Enjoy.
Riff 1:First, the arpeggio over the C chord with an added note and a hammer-on togive it flavor:e|------------------------------------------|B|--------------3-------1-------------1-----|G|---------0------0--------0--------0-------|D|------2----2-------2-------2--0h2---------|A|---3--------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
Riff 2:Now, it's pretty much the same thing over the F chord:e|--------------3--------0------------------|B|---------1-------1--------1---------------|G|------2----2--------2-------2--0h2-0------|D|---3--------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
Riff 3 :The Am - G - F section. The only part that I'm sketchy on is the F chord pick thru. I'm a lead player, so I can't quite figure it out, but I just play it this way and it sounds :e|--------0------------3--------------------3--------------3-----------|B|--------1-----------(3)-------------1--------1---------1-------------|G|--------2------------0------------2---2--------3-----2---------------|D|----2---2------------0----------3-------3----------3-----------------|A|--0-----0--------2---2-----------------------------------------------|E|--------------3------3-----------------------------------------------|
Alright, those are the riffs, now to put them in the song: I borrowed this from the tab by cm228703. This shows where the chord changes are, plus the lyrics for the additional part of the live version. C Said a whisper last night while I held you, F and I told you that I needed you forever C I told you everything I want to live for, F and how we could be C When the words come to me and it's magic you know, F and I find that I'm rhyming away where I go, C and I feel that the wisdom is coming, F and I know... C Magic in the way you move and every time I tell you that F I want to give you something for something so true, C and the way that you can know me and the way that you can tell me, F and you know that I am searchin' and I'm searchin' for you, C and the way you're gonna love me when I go up and tell you that F I'm gonna need you when I get there, C In my dreams, in my futures, in my prayers too, F and like a whisper in the wind Am I can see you there, G F Before I cry Am G It doesn't matter where I'm going F tonight... (silence) C You're gonna be there with me. Interlude: C F C F C Took you to the park and I tried to tell you something F while we're looking at the sun Just like we're staring at the moon, C and I can see the stars, and the bark on the trees F I can see the way they move, and the way they feel C When I look into your eyes, and I find you there, F I can see that it's magic that's in the air, C and it's something' I do, and it's something I say, F while the hands on the clock they are ticking away Am And I feel G F that I can love you forever, F Am G if you just let me have the chance F I'll love you, forever.... C F Be with me C F C F C F C I can see you in the mountainside F I can see you in the wind; C the way that the ocean is flowing when I see the sun F setting in the west again C and everything that I'm goin on though I'm not there F Oh I'm driving up the road with all my cares, C and my mind is racing a million ways, F I can see that you're... Am In my mind today G F you know that I miss you F Am G Soon I've got to come back home F to see you... You're my girl Oh no... ** Right here, keep the same C and F chord change pattern as the verses, but hit the chord instead of picking thru. While doing this, if you wanna add a little flair kind of and pull-off the additional note while you're strumming. Just keep on strumming the chords until that last portion, where Josh starts picking thru again. Well baby, you're my girl... Whoa...whoa... I would swim that ocean sea, I would climb the highest hill, Just to be, To be with you, To be with you... I'd do almost anything, I'd go to Hell and back Just to bring you to me. Just to be Just to be Just to be yeah Well you're my girl...Oh no no Well you're my girl...whoa Well you're my girl, My precious girl, Well you're my girl... ** Start picking thru the chords just like in the verses here. Well I would do most anything, Swear I'd do most everything... I would do most anything... To be with you...
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