Oblivion – Song With No Name chords

Emadd2           Cadd2
The name of this song
Gadd2 Dsus/F#Well nobody knows
Same chords-> The more we play it It's popularity grows Thinking of the words Took quite some time And finally it came Into my mind Chorus:
Em CThis song has no name
G DAnd so it'll stay
Em CFor many years to come
G DEvery Night and every day
Verse 2: Same Chord as verse one It's tune is sweet, like that of a rose And our aim is some day, to be as good as those pro's Many words can fit this, song oh so fine A song with a great tune, a song for the blind Chorus Verse 3: Same chords as previous 2 verses A sad song, A happy song, this song so great You can sing it to your girlfriend, sing it to your mate Chorus This song has no name, no name at all X2
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