Okay Alright – Good Light chords


C   C/B   Am   G


CI was Wasted
C/Bin a good light
AmThis is Goodnight
Gmy dear
CIn the morning
C/BWhen we wake up
AmWe will make up
GIn the sun
FWhat I saw
GIn your eyes
FThe night that
Gyou cried
Am G FIn my arms
F GYou and me, alive
[Instrumental] C C/B Am G F [Verse 2]
CYou were covered
C/Bin the moonlight
AmUntil sunrise
GAnd you
CSpoke softly
C/BIn poems
AmMeant for no one
GBut us
FAll I want
GFor your life
FIs that someday
Gyou will find
Am G Fyou are loved
Flove is Patient
GLove is kind
FLove is knowing
GWhen it’s time
CTo come home
[instrumental] C/B Am G [outro]
FWon't you
GPlease come home
FWon’t you
Gcome home
FWon't you
GPlease come home
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