Ola Belle Reed – Undone In Sorrow chords

N.CCan i do a song that's as old as the hills and has the oldest flavour?
N.CAs ?? said, its a sad sad mournful song when i get done with it, it will be pityful.
*Banjo & fiddle intro [Verse 1]
Em GOver yonder in the graveyard
Em GWhere the wild, wild flowers grow
G GOh there they lay'd my true lover
EmShe's gone from me forever more
[Verse 2]
Em GFairer than the sweetest flower
Em GRestless as the wildest wind
Em GBorn with a love deep as the ocean
EmThis was the girl that I did win
[Verse 3]
Em GI left her there back in the mountain
Em GTo see the world, riches to gain
Em GOh when I returned no earthly treasures
EmCould ease this heart so full of pain
[Verse 4]
Em GThere so high upon that mountain
Em GBeneath that little mound of clay
Em GOh the girl that I, returned to marry
EmSo still among the flowers she lay
[Verse 5]
Em GI'll go away and I will wander
Em GLay aside my earthly gain
Em GAnd I'll not end it, the man with riches
EmUndone in sorrow I'll remain
Em(slower) Undone in sorrow I remain
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