Raintrain chords with lyrics by Olafur I Hvarfi - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Olafur I Hvarfi – Raintrain chords

Dm F C Dm

DmThe weather's changed
FI´ve got some rain now
Cit´s the same
DmBoredom rain
Fit´s on my way
Dmmessing my brain
C Dmjust follow my old sins
Dm [Verse]
FFalling down
Cinto my grave
Dmin a spin
Dm FI take I know
Call the sideways
Dmand crush my wings
C Dmas I follow my old sins
C Dmas I follow my old sins
F Cit´s a race
Dmagainst the wind
Dmjust a race
F Ca race against the wind
Dmthat I can´t win
C Dmas I follow my old sins
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