Olivia Rodrigo – Miss This chords

C Cmaj7 C Right now I'm sitting in my room writing a song
It's never felt like home here
AmBut I guess it's not far off
Asus2My mom is in the kitchen,
Amand my clothes are on the floor
Asus2homesick disposition
CWith one foot out the door
Cmaj7I live in the suburbs
CBut it's a quick drive into town
Cmaj7 AmI pretend it's New York City when no one else is around
Asus2There's parents and their kids they're in the lawn
AmI forgot that in a year it'll be gone
CI mi-i-is this
AmBut I'm l-i-i-i-i-iving it
D7Wish I could grab life by the shoulders
GAnd scream I'm sick of getting older
CCause i mi-i-i-i-s this
AmBut I'm li-i-iving it
D7One day I'll move on
One day I'll move out
G CAnd I wish that I was where I am right now
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