Couple Skate chords with lyrics by Ollie Byrd - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ollie Byrd – Couple Skate chords


[Verse 1]
G BmI want you, let me out
DWhile the world goes on
GI'm no one
GI'm a fucking ghost
BmI am in the walls
DI'm no one
G Bm D [Bridge]
D E GI'm a spider
D E GIn the corner
D E GI'm a fire
D E GIn your eyes
[Verse 2]
G BmI wanted to have someone
DI wanted to find love
GThere's couples in the street now
G BmIt's a good thing that can happen
DBut it's hard to believe
GThe couples that find love
GTake themselves too seriously
[Instrumental Outro] Bm D C Bm Bbm F# G F# B F# Bm Bbm F# Bbm Bb G F# Bm F# G F# Bm Bbm Bb G F# B Bm
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