Owl City – Panda Bear chords

G Am C

[Verse 1]
G Em DI'm moving to Tokyo cause I'm tired of San Francisco
C G Em DMy contracts are finally void and I am getting out
G Em DOn houses and building tops I swallow the beams and sundrops
C G Em DIf my echoes can reach your ears then I can save my calls
G Em DWhat happens when I'm above the East River when you are in love?
C G Em DI'm staring at all these lights and I am going blind.
[Interlude] G Am C [Verse 2]
G Em DFill all of the navy yards with hard working security guards
C G Em D'Cause the numbers are wearing off my plastic access cards
G Em DHow can I begin to say I feel better off when we stay
C G Em DIn Paris on winter nights beneath the snowy veil
G Em DContent like a panda bear still breathing the fresh mountain air
C G Em DI'll put on a diving tank and sing when I inhale
[Outro] G Am C
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