Paddock Park - Give Her A Pill To Make Her Shut Up Or Make Her A Mute tab

Band - Paddock Park smile yer a whore
Song - Give Her A Pill To Make Her Shut Up Or Make Her A Mute

Tabbed By : SumFX (Tyler Freear)

Well I Don't Usually Play In Downtunings But Here
We Are Paddock Park!

Interesting To Note That PP Play In Drop C AND D On Their Album!

I Believe This Song Used To Be Called "Smile Yer A Whore"
On Their Demo.

Drop C

Intro Rhythm|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------||-0------0------0-----||-0------0------0-----||-0------0------0-----|
Lead Guitar w/Delay/Echo Effect?(Very Fast Palm Mutes Here!)|----------------------------||----------------------------||-101010-9-9--1010-12121212--||-121212-1010-1212-12121212--||----------------------------||----------------------------| ...... .... .... ........
Main Rhythm(Like Many PP Songs, Open Palm Mutes!) |---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||-000--00-00--0---000--00--00-00--||-000--00-00--0---000--00--00-00--||-000--00-00--0---000--00--00-00--| ... .. .. . ... .. .. ..
Leads Into Next Song|--------||--------||--------||-2------||-2------||-2------|
Well There You Go! I Hope You Die & I'll Swing My Fist On The Way! Rate & Comments Will Be Appriciated
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