Pain In The Ass – The Space Between tab

"The Space Between"
by Dave Matthews' Band
>From the Album - Everyday
Tab By Chad Kalmes -

The basic chords are just E & D for the verses and A E G/Bm D 
for the verses.  Of course, Dave doesn't play just 'regular'
chords...nor does he ever seem to play the chords the same way
every show...but in any event, a couple of rough estimates
are below. There are probably some more Dave-esque chord-forms
that would work better, but you'll get the idea.

Verse Riff I (main riff)

E E E D E E E De-----------------| e--0-0-0----0----|B--5-5-5----3-----| B--0-0-0----3----|G--4-4-4----2-----| (or simply) G--1-1-1----2----|D--6-6-6----4-----| D--2-2-2----0----|A--7-7-7----5-----| A--2-2-2----0----|E-----------------| E--0-0-0----0----|
Riff II (played in background throughout chorus and similar parts)
e---9-------9------9h10--| e---9-------9------------|B-----10------10---------| B-----10------10----9----|G--------9-------9-------| (3X) Then G--------9-------9-------|D------------------------| D------------------------|A------------------------| A------------------------|E------------------------| E------------------------|
Chorus (with Riff II above)
A E Bm De--0---0---X---0----|B--2---0---3---3----|G--2---1---4---2----|D--2---2---4---0----|A--0---2---2---0----|E--0---0---X---0----|
Bridge (Bm A E [Riff IV] X3 Bm A E F) Riff IV
e--12b--10-------|B---------- 12b--|G----------------|D----------------|A----------------|E----------------|
Lyrics EEE D You cannot quit me so quickly EEE D There's no hope in you for me EEE D No corner you could sqeeze me EEE D But I got all the time for you, love A E Bm The space between the tears we cry D As the laughter keeps us coming back for more The space between the wicked lies We tell And hope to keep Safe from the pain But will I hold you again These fickle fuddled words confuse me Like will it rain today Waste the hours with talking, talking These twisted games we're playing Where stranger lives with warring hearts What a wild-eyed beast you be The space between the wicked lies we tell And hope to keep Safe from the pain Will I hold you again? Will I hold Look us spinning up in the madness of a rollercoaster You know you went off like the devil in a church in the middle of a crowded room All we can do my love is hope we don't take this ship down The space between Where your smiling heart Is where you'll find me if I get to go The space between The bullets in a firefight Is where I'll be hiding waiting for you The rain that falls, splash in your heart Tan like sadness down the window into The space between Our wicked lies is where we hope to keep safe from pain Take my hand cuz we're walking out of here Oh...Right out of here Love is all we need in The space between Whats wrong and right Is where you'll find me hiding waiting for you The space between Your heart and mine is the space we fill with time The space between The space between
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