Paleface – New York New York chords

this is in standard he tuns it down but these chords work very well... very simple 
song hope you enjoy please give me feed back

G D Am(strum one let ring)The big sky that you see when you travel way out west
G D AmI admit that can impress
G D AmI love the space man it's insane
G D Amand the sage at the road side how it smells after the rain
G(strum once) D(strum once) Am(1 strumand even tho theres lots to see the Mt. and desserts are free Oh i can not
Descape the fact that i always be looking back at
G D Am G D Am New York new york now thats something to see yea it's speacial to me
G D Am G D AmNew York new york it's where i came to be where i caaaammmmmeeee to be
G D Am G D AMThe bronx is up brooklyns down brooklyns ddddoooooowwwwnnnn
G D Am G D AMthere aint aany other town like that town
some may always put it down but the cant see that it's a crown they should count them selfs lucky enough to have a place to see like
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