Palmer Robert – Johnny & Mary tab

E-----------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------D-------------2----4-4-----4-2-----0-0----0-----------------A--0--2-----4--------------------------------4----3--0---2--E----------------------------------------------------------- Johnny's always running a-round trying to find certainty
E-----------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------D---------------2---4-----4--4--2----0----0--0--------------A--0--2-----4--------------------------------------4--------E------------------------------------------------------2---- He needs all the world to confirm that he ain't lonely
E-----------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------------------------D--------------0---------------------------2---4-2-2--------A--0-2--4----------2------------0-----2--4------------------E----------------------------------------------------------- Mary counts the walls Cause he tires easily
(not sure about all the lyrics as they are off the top of my head, so corrections welcome!) (Keep repeating that guitar pattern for the following all of the following lyrics) Johnny thinks the world will be right if he can find truth in it, Mary says he changes his mind more than a woman Then she made a bet Even if the chance was slim Johnny says he's willing to learn when he decides he's a fool, Johnny says he'll live anywhere when it is time to Mary combs her hair Says she should be used to it Mary always ????? she never knows what to think, She says he still acts like he's being discovered Scared that he'll be caught Lay down on a second thought Running around Johnny feels he's wasting his breath trying to talk sense to her, Mary says he ?????? So she combs her hair Cause he tires easily (repeat first verse changing the sound of the vocals a bit) Johnny's always running around Running around Any corrections, additions, comments, send them to... Mende Joveski
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