Paolo Santos – Fall At Your Feet tab

{title:Fall At Your Feet}
{subtitle:N. Finn}

ato pa ang isang song para sa fans ni paolo santos
dedicated ulit kay gayle ang aking luvs

Intro acoustic guitar riff:------------------------|---------------------------||-2---2-2-2---4--4--4--4-|-5---5-5-5---4--4--4--4--4-||------------------------|---------------------------|| repeat------------------------|---------------------------||------------------------|---------------------------||------------------------|---------------------------||{eot}
I'm really close ton[C#m]ight [E] And I feel like I'm [D#m]moving inside [G#]her Lying in the [C#m]dark [E] I think that I'm be[D#m]ginning to [G#]know her Let it [C#m]go [E] I'll be there when you [A]call {soc} Whenever I [E]fall [B]at your [C#m]feet [A] And you let your [E]tears [B]rain down on [C#m]me [A] Whenever I [E]touch [B]your slow turning [C#m]pain [A] {eoc} You're hiding from me [C#m]now [E] There's something in the [D#m]way that you're [G#]talking The words don't sound [C#m]right [E] But I hear them all [D#m]moving in[G#]side you [C#m]Go, I'll be waiting when you [A]call {comment:Chorus} The finger of [E]blame has turned up[B]on itself And I'm [C#m]more than willing to [A]offer myself Do you [E]want my presence or [B]need my help [C#m]Who knows where that might [A]lead I fall at your feet And you let your tears rain down on me Whenever I [A]fall [E]
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