Paper Tongues – Get Higher chords

			   Paper Tongues - Get Higher

I broke this down to strum it on an acoustic, thus the actual song plays out a little 
differently.  The progressions are the same, though, so it's pretty easy to fret out on an 
electric.  This version is a little cleaner to play on your own---pretty simple.

         A (x02220)
     Asus4 (x02230)
         D (xx0232)
         E (022100)
       F#m (244222)

The main riff is an Amaj with a pinky drop to the suspended fourth every now and again.  
It's pretty much the whole song...

NOTE: The actual verses are almost entirely this A progression, but it lacks depth when you're playing it alone on the acoustic. I like to throw around the F#m when it feels natural, as below, and palm mute until the chorus:
AWhen you step in the room they won't be holding me down
F#mAll these demons in my head c'mon let's kill 'em with sound
AYou see I'm beggin' that you take me and you never look back
F#mThat's why I'm crying to a wall hoping that you come out
AHey...I don't wanna wake up from this
F#mI cannot afford to forget
The feeling of your arms, they hold me
AThe power of your skin, it's lovely
You provoke a man to bow down
F#mI get on my knees and cry out
E"Everything I have is yours now"
DSo the time is now
EDon't let me down
DOh the time is now
EPlease don't let me down
A Asus4 F#mGet higher, and higher, and higher
D AWhen my back's against the wall
D AYou're the hand that breaks my fall
Asus4 F#mClimb higher, and higher, and higher
D AWhen my back's against the wall
D AYou're the hand that breaks my fall
***Lather, rinse, repeat -JVV
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