Parachute Band – Living Rain chords

Living Rain by Parachute

Verse 1:

D BmWe Your people come
A GIn desperate need to You we run
D BmCalled by Your great name
A GWith humble hearts we seek Your ways
Verse 2:
D BmWe believe in faith
A GYour promises will never break
D BmTurn from wicked ways
A GTo live as Christ for all our days
Bm AOh God high up in heaven
Gmaj AWon't You heal our land
D ALiving rain, fall again
F# G Over my life over my land
D Bm A GLiving rain wash my heart again
D AOpen wide, heaven skies
F# GOver my street oh Spirit reside
D Bm A GLiving rain flood my life again
Bm DCome back, back to your first love
Bm DBack to your first love
GBack to the Cross
Hopefully this is right I haven't spent much time on it.
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