Parachute Band - Lord Of The Heavens chords

D2Lord of the Heavens
A7/G G2 G6I bow my knee and worship you
D2 DI stand before You
G2 G6and I am amazed
D2 Bm7I see Your beauty
C6 Cdisplayed in everything you do
A A/C#For You are my Saviour
G/D DLord and King
A/C# G/D DYou are the only one for me
A/C# G/B Asus4 AYou are the only one that I adore
A/C# G/D DIn Your Son atonement sacrifice
A/C#Through his death
G/D DRedemption gives new life
A/C#And I reach out
G/B Asus AReceive Your endless love
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