Parachute Band – You Are Lord chords

You Are Lord
Song by: Parachute Band
Composer: Ray Chee
Tabbed by: Roneil Espiritu (

Intro: F-Eb-Bb/D (3x), C (2x)

F F/A-Bb C You are Lord, maker of the heavens
F F/A-Bb C; BbYou are Lord, ruler of the nations
A-/C#, Dm7 Eb-CI lift my voice to worship you, Lord
You are Lord, Healer and Messiah You are Lord, wonderful redeemer I’ve crowned you king of kings and lord of lords Refrain:
Am-Dm7; C-Bb CYou are Lord, I worship and adore you
Am-Dm7; C-Bb CYou are Lord, creation bows before you
Am (F, G, A, Bb, C, Bb) Gm AYou are Lord, I lay my life before you
Bb—Am-Gm F [Bb; C; Am Repeat Refrain for the 2nd time]Jesus… you are Lord……
Adlib: F-Eb-Bb/D-Eb-F-Eb-Bb/D-C Repeat All Repeat Refrain Instrumental: F-Eb-Bb/D-Eb-F-Eb-Bb/D-C---D---Bm Repeat refrain in highest chords (Key of G) Coda:
C D C D; C D GJesus… Jesus… Jesus… You are Lord……
Ending: G-F-C/E-F (2x); G
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