Paramore – Circle tab

This tab is just a rough one...
the song was played on a piano and its normaly hard to get it all down
I have the basic rythem but theres some other stuff in that is played on the piano...
like i said, its kinda hard to get it all but ill fix it once i get it all down

E}-----------------------------------------------------------------| REPEATB}-----------------------------------------------------------------| FORG}----12------12------13------13------12------12------12------12---| THED}--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13-| RESTA}15------15------15------15------13------13------15------17-------| OF THEE}-----------------------------------------------------------------| SONG
Well that ones probably not going to be easy ..its way high up on the frets but it sounds the best since you dont have to use the different sounding B string.. but to make it easier ill put this one up as well
again..i know it may not sound completely right but i just did this in a few minutes but when i get enough time ill put it into more detail enjoy
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