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Bop Gun
by Parliament
from the album Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome
transcribed by Kein Gardner

This version of the song comes from the Tear the
Roof Off 1974-1980 cd.  Stange as is seems this eight
minute plus song contains only three different sections.
Riff 1 is the main riff and is played by two guitars.  Riff 2
is a breakdown section that apears twice in the song there is
no guitar durring this part.  Riff 3 apears only once in the
song it is a synthisizer solo.

so here it is all the guitar work

Riff 1guitar 1 left channel clean-|--------------------|-10-9-7--------------|-----------|-|--------------------|----------10-8-7-----|-----------|-|drum--------6-7-9-6-|-----------------9---|-7-6-4-----|-|hit---6-7-9---------|---------------------|-------5---|-|--------------------|---------------------|-----------|-|--------------------|---------------------|-----------|
guitar 2 right channel with envalope filter-|--------------------|--------------------|-----------|-|--------------------|--------------------|-----------|-|drum--------4-6-7-4-|-12-11-9--7-6-4-----|-4-2-------|-|hit-----------------|----------------7---|-----5-2---|-|------4-5-7---------|--------------------|-----------|-|--------------------|--------------------|-----------|
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