Parry Gripp – Its Raining Tacos chords

EbIt's raining tacos
BbFrom out of the sky
G GmNo need to ask why
Ab Eb AbJust open your mouth and close your eyes
BbIt's raining tacos
EbRaining tacos
Bbout in the street
G GmAll you can eat
AbLettuce and shell
Ebcheese and meat
Ab BbIt's raining tacos
Eb Cm BbYum Yum, Yum Yum Yumity Yum
AbIt's like a dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!!!!!!
Cm BbYum Yum, Yum Yum Yumity Yum
Ab Bb Bring your sowercreeeeeeeeeeeeeeam
Eb Bb
CmShell, Meat
GLettuce, Cheese
AbShell, Meat
EbLettuce, Cheese
AbShell, Meat
Bb EbCheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese
BbIt's raining tacos... (ohhhh)
Eb GmRaining tacos.. (ohhh)
Ab EbRaining Tacos!!! (ohhh)
Ab BbIt's raining Tacos
((continue with Eb Bb Cm G Gm Ab Eb Ab Bb Eb)for the outro)raining tacos
raining tacos raining tacos Raining tacos (cheese) Raining tacos (chese) It's raining... (raining tacos...
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