Parsons Gene - Monument tab



G# C# Fm Gm G# C#

play the last three chords smoothly, in a flowing-like tradition..U know what I mean if 
know this classic and epic chanson.

Is it fear, Is it fear
That you feel inside of you?
Is it fear?
Shouting out just fear
You feel inside of you

Is it fear that you feel
When all eyes are on you?
Is it fear?
Surely not just fear you feel
when all eyes are on you


D#(8measures) F(8m) G(4m) G#(4m) A#(8m)

(I play it like this)e------------------------------------|B------------------------------------|G---8-slide --10-slide-12--13--15----|D---8-------10-------10--11--15------|A---6--------8-------10--11--13------|E------------------------------------|
Rise and rise Rise above, Rise and rise G---8-slide-10-slide-1213/15--- (notes for solo) Not just a girl Not just a girl, not just a building For the skyline note: Ive noticed that my record player is out of tune, its half a note up. Its always strange to come in bars just to hear well known records played at the right pitch. So, Ive tried playing the chords I found a bit lower, but I liked more the way I found them first....think I got used to falset new wave I guess comments to
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