Passage – Till My Heartaches Ends tab

Title: Till My Heartaches Ends
Artist: Passage
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Intro: Dm--Bbm9-C-Bdim-Bb-C

Ohh . . .  Oh woh . .  wooh

F             BbM7
I recall when you said that you would
BbM7 F                        BbM7
never leave me, you told me more so much
                      Cm7 F-BbM7
more that when the time you whispered
                  Am7       Dm7
in my ear there was heaven in my heart
Gm7     Gm          Bb
i remember when you say that yod be here 
youd be here forever

        F     Cm7     A7
then you left without even saying 
A7   F9
that youre leaving
                  BbM7            Cm7-F-BbM7
i was hurt and it really won't be easy 

to forget
                     Am7           Dm7
yesterday and i prayed that you would stay
Gm7  GM9(/F)                EmM7-C9-C
but then youre gone and oh so away

F           Bb
I was afraid this time would would come
Em7        A
I wasnt prepared to face this kind of 
Dm           Faug F6       Gm9
hurting from me then, i have learned to 
Leave my life beside you
F                   Bb
maybe i just dream you tonight
Em7         A
and if into my dreams you come
     Dm        Faug F6
and touch me once again
        Gm9      C9         (Intro)
i just keep on dreaming till my 

heartaches ends

(repeat 2 and Chorus)

Ad Lib: BbM7-A7-Dm-Eb6-C7

Bdim                  EbM7-C#7
till my heart aches end oh woh
     (Rep chorus moving one fret higher)
 Eb7               C#               F#9
keep on dreaming till my heartaches ends
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