Passenger – Golden Thread tab

not too sure on the chorus so if you wouldnt mind helping out...

Capo 7 G C Eme|-3--3--3----------------------|B|-0--0--0----------------------|G|-0--0--0----------------------|D|-0--2--2----------------------|A|-2--3--2----------------------|E|-3--0--0----------------------|
*chords in the verse are the same as the intro, so the verse is fingerpicked. INTRO
G C e|--3----3----7p5------5p3---------3----3-----7p5------5p3------|B|-----0---0--------------------------0---0-------0--------0----|G|-----------------0-------0------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------3---------3------3--------3--|E|--3--------3--------3-------3---------------------------------|
G C Theres lights on in a window Em And a signpost in the snow C Theres a golden coin beneath your pillow G C Theres parachutes above you Em And lifeboats below C And a heart that loves you Yeah I think you know INTRO G C Theres treasure maps well hidden Em And diamonds in the dirt C Theres a golden thread weaved into your shirt G C Theres a kiss for every tear Em That rolls down your cheek C And words i shouldnt hear and words you shouldnt speak G C D G So tell me one more lie my dear C D G Whisper softly so nobody hears Em D C Keep me hanging on for another year Oh tell me one more lie my dear (same) Well theres whiskey and blankets And a bonfire when youre cold Ill hold a golden breath till im silver and old With only hope to keep alive And only time to kill Theres a fool that loved you and he loves you still (same) So tell me one more lie my dear Whisper softly so nobody hears Keep me hanging on for another year Am Oh tell me one more lie my dear Am Em Spin me one more tale sweet heart G Weave golden needle and thread through my heart D Whisper all the things you know i long to hear C D G Oh tell me one more lie my dear
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