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Passenger – For You chords

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For You chords
Passenger (from Wicked Man s Rest album) *

Dm C Csus4/A C 4x **

DmFor you, dear
CLose my tongue to talk, dear
No whisper seeing
DmThe talk, dear
Ca few hours
DmAnd if you, dear
CFound my words were unclear
And my voice you
DmCan t hear
CA few hours
Dm Bb DmI write you a poem
BbJust to let you know
Dm BbI will try to write a poem
CMy love
Dm C Csus4/A C 4x **
DmFor you ,dear
CLose my legs to walk, dear
DmNo footprints in the chalk, dear
CFor you I would...
DmAnd it s you, dear
Cif your team un. . . near ?
DmAnd you re drowning in tears
CFor you I would...
Dm BbBuild you a boat
DmJust to keep you a float
Bb I would build you a boat
CMy love. . .
Dm C Csus4/A C 4x ** * Alternate: Capo III Dm = Bm C = A Bb = G **Csus4/A = C chord with 4th finger on high E 3rd fret) Set8
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