Passion - Mrs Intuition tab

Title     : Mrs. Intuition
Artist    : Jeremy Passion
Album     : Paper Airplane
Tabbed by : Rijandie

Standard Tuning	(EADGBE)


This is all basic and learned by EAR... Please listen to the album for rhythm/timing etc.

Intro:e|--------x-----------x----------x-----------|B|------3-x--3------3-x--3-----5-x--5------5-|G|------0-x--0------0-x--0-----5-x--5------5-| 2xD|------4-x--4------4-x--4-----5-x--5------5-|A|----0---x-------0---x-------0--x-----------|E|--0-----x-----3-----x-----5----x--5------5-|
There she...e|--------x-----x-------------|B|--3-----x---3-x-3--5-----5--|G|--0-----x---0-x-4--5-----5--| REPEATD|--4-----x---4-x-4--5-----5--|A|--------x-----x-------------|E|--0-----x---3-x-4--5-----5--|
Haven't figured out the bridge yet... i'll update when i learn it. NOTE: Jeremy does a lot of extra picking during and between the chords. Feel free to be creative! =D enjoy!
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