Pat Mcgee Band - Identity tab

Artist: Pat McGee Band
Album: From The Wood

Contributor: Daniel Schnall

Intro/Verse Dm Am Bb F C e|----0h1-1-----0---0-----1----1----0----|B|----3---3-----0h1-1-----3----1----1----|G|----2---2-----2---2-----3----2----0----|D|--------------2---2-----3----3----2----|A|--------------0---0-----1----3----3----|E|----------------------------(1)--------|
Pre-Chorus/Chorus D A C G e|-----2-----0-----0-----3-----|B|-----3-----2-----1-----3-----|G|-----2-----2-----0-----0-----|D|-----0-----2-----2-----0-----|A|-----------0-----3-----2-----|E|-----------------------3-----|
Pre Chorus | D | A | C | G | Chorus | D A | C G |
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