Patrice – Soulstorm tab

Patrice – Soulstorm
tabbed by: gonza

Am Dm Ge|-----5----------5----------3--------|b|-----5----------6----------3--------|g|-----5----------7----------4--------|D|-----7----------7----------5--------|A|-----7----------5----------5--------|E|-----5---------------------3--------|
Intro : Am...
Am Dm G Am|-----------------8---7--------------7------------|\|-----10-----10-----------10----8---------10------| \|--9------9---------------------------------------| \[ 2x ]|-------------------------------------------------| /|-------------------------------------------------| /|-------------------------------------------------|/
Am Dm Now we’re walking down an alley G Am No I’m talking spiritually Am Dm We got one eye on the future G Am And the other on our money Am And all our feeling goes dead Dm When we switch on that channel G Am So over fed with the terrible flannel Am Try to switch off my head Dm Use my soul instead G Am So I'll get ahead of these things I said [ Chorus ] : Am There's a soul Dm Soul G Am A soulstorm everywhere Am It's a everywhere Dm Everywhere G Am A soulstorm everywhere Am Dm I was taught that talk is cheap G Am And I have learned that love is deep Am Dm God gave me my soul to keep G Am So I talk love a whole big heap Am Dm And I will not point a finger G Am For it is timeless and will linger Am Dm I keep my own words down so I won't drown G Am Repeat one more time and don't hinder [ Chorus x2 ] Am Dm G Am Some people might be wondering Am Dm G Am Is his head in the clouds and no ground under him Am Dm G Am What the so and so's he on about Am Dm G Am So I'll just break it down down (no doubt)
[ Play this last solo along whit this next part ] Am I got up out of bed one misty morning Dm Found myself sitting there and brainstorming G About how to be true without being corny Am Do some soulstorming Am Must be the benefit of the global warming Dm I realised that there ain't no harm in G Planting soul and a little farming Am Do some soul farming [ Play this part along whit intro solo ] Am Dm G Am Soul [ Chorus x4 ] gonza.. plz rate and comment
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