Patrick Wolf – Lands End chords

descending Riff during verse

D GThe work is done and the record pressed
Now you're doing battle With the fickle press You've got to strike the hammers And pull the bow And another fool Is just another show It's all the same And you've seen it before (chorus)
G G D AAnd don't it seem like too long a time
Since you were sweating in the streetlight? Too many dreams, not enough schemes And a bike with no gears to ride With the wheels going too slow (verse)
D GSo, you tell 'em:
"I'm leaving London for Lands End With a green tent and a violin I'm going to strike the hammers And pull the bow Just another day to forget this show And come back to me" Come back to me Darling come back to me Come back.... (chorus)
G G D ANow don't it seem like to long a time
Since you were sweating in the spotlight? Too many jeers, not enough cheers But when you sing you've got nothing to hide Singing: "where does the time go? And where did the time go?"
G G D A Oh Darling when will you ever learn?
The grass is always greener, Its everywhere you turn You'll see it: Everything you're sure of is up for change We're all stuck on this spinning stage Spinning around and round And round and round and round (transition chord: G) (the towans) intro Bm G
G A Bmit's a wild stretch land
such a sad place to be when the night comes heavy down and the sand turns to sea many saints have lost their love many pilgrims died unseen in this wild stretch of land in that fire to be free
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