Patrick Wolf – Jerusalem chords

It's not 100% accurate, nor was the song written for guitar, but it works quite nicely 
me thinks. Let me know what you think!

Intro: Am Em F Am

Am F CAnd did those feet in ancient time
F C Am Fwalk upon England's mountains green?
Am Em AmAnd was the Holy Lamb of God
Em Am Em D Gon England's pleasant pastures seen?
Dm Gm DmAnd did the countenance divine
F Bb Fshine forth upon our clouded hills?
Dm G CAnd was Jerusalem builded here
Am F C F C G Camong those dark satanic mills
Am F CBring me my bow of burning gold!
C C Dm Am FBring me my arrows of de-sire!
Am Em AmBring me my spear! O Clouds unfold!
x Em Am Em D GBring me my chariot of fire!
G Dm Gm DmI will not cease from mental fight,
F Bb Fnor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
G G7 C'til we have built Jerusalem
C C Am Ein England's green and pleasant land!
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