Patrick Wolf – Hard Times chords

This is my first tab i've ever submitted, so hope you enjoy. You can pretty much 
play the chords however, bar chords or not.. it'll sound good either way.

Bb Dm Gm F (2x)

As they

BbDig your ditches
DmCount my stitches
Gm FGeneration justice wishes for
BbWorld at war
DmFinal score
Gm FMedia come and abhor us
Bb DmThese are hard times
Gm FBut we’ll work harder, harder
Bb DmGive me hard times
Gm FAnd I’ll work harder, harder
(Same as first verse) Divided nation In sedation Overload of information That we have grown To ignore… Mediocrity applauded Through these hard times We’ll work harder Give me hard times And I’ll work harder, harder (Chorus)
Bb Gm F Bb Gm FFor revo lu tion
Show me some
Bb Gm F BbReso lu tion
And this
Gm FBattle will be won
(Same as other verses) Forced to count the hours Since two towers Fell to fiction those higher powers Putting gods to war Who keeps score? Ignorance is still adored All through these hard times We’ll work harder, harder Give me hard times And I’ll work harder harder (Same as chorus, but quieter and more dramatic) For revolution Show me some revolution (Then back to the normal progression) This battle will be won If they only see you with their fear And they only hear you with their pride Then work harder Harder harder harder...harder Hard Times (End how you feel is the best way..but the last chord is Bb) :)
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