Boy Like Me chords with lyrics by Patrick Wolf - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Patrick Wolf – Boy Like Me chords

As there’s no tab for that song so far, I tried my best to come up with an easy one. 
Suggestions, corrections (esp. for the ‘solo’) and comments highly appreciated!

I usually play the F’s and G’s as staccato as possible and strum the Em’s loosely, but 
that’s up to you, I guess.

For the intro:

e|--5--5--5--5^6--3---8p7h8-|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------| (repeat)D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Em F Em G Em F Em G
Em FA boy like me is told
Em GHe is both nine and ninety
EmAnd a boy like me
F EmShould shut those books
GJoin the army
EmAnd a boy like me
F EmWould never be seen
GFighting for peace
EmI want total chaos
F Em GAnd a holiday home in the east
e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------5---------------------5---5---------------5-----|G|----------------4----------------4---------------------4---4---------------4---|D|----5---5----5-----4--------5------------------5^4--------------5---5----------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|(play twice)
EmAnd a boy like me
F Em GShould know much better than
Em F Em GTo raise his flag in stormy weather
Em F Em GI just can't get enough electric shocks
EmI wanna buy a lighthouse
F Em GAnd ride a giraffe on the rocks
Em F Em G [I don't give up]
EmI want two dogs
F EmTwo cats
A big kitchen
GAnd a welcome mat
Em FI want all this
Em GAnd all i shall have
Em F Em G Oh no, i don't give up
EmA boy like me
F EmDon't ever give up
GGive up his dream
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