Patrick Wolf – Magpie chords

			     MAGPIE - Patrick Wolf
Tabbed by: RainbowBassist

Feel free to make any comment/suggestions- as this song is originally for piano, I 
tried my best to make it sort of interchangeable with the guitar without working 
too much harder than needed.

Tuning: Standard, with Capo on 1st fret


G7 35x46xAmsus4 x02240
Also, use G barred on the 3rd fret Intro: Strum these chords once (this song sounds even better when fingerpicked) F | G7 | Am | Am F | G | Am | Am Arpeggiating the first four notes of the chords will make it sound like the piano: e.g.
Play twice under violin scale:e|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|G|-------2-------2-------2------2-|-------0------0------0------0-----o-|D|-----3-------3-------3------3---|-----3------3------3------3-------o-|A|---3-------3-------3------3-----|---3------3------3------3-----------|E|-1-------1-------1------1-------|-1------1------1------1-------------|
F Dm Am Magpie, was it you who stole the wedding ring?
F Dm AmOr what other thieving bird would steal such hope away?
F Dm Am Am (x02200)Magpie, I am lost among the hinterland,
F caught among the bracken and the fern,
Dm Amsus4 Amand the boys who have no name.
AmThere’s No Name For Us
FBut Still We Sing
F | G | Amsus4 | AmOooooohh… etc.
F | Dm | Amsus4 | Am |And still we sing,
F GLittle boy, little boy,
AmLost and blue,
F G DmListen now, let me tell you what to do,
F Dm You can run on, run along or home
AmBetween the knees of her,
F All among her bracken and her ferns,
G AmAnd the boy will have a name.
And We Will Sing… F | G | Amsus4 | Am | F | G | Amsus4 | Am C |
FOne For Sorrow
DmTwo For Joy
Amsus4 Three For A Girl
AmFour For A Boy
FFive For Silver
GSix For Gold
AmSeven For A Secret, Never To Be Told
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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