Patrick Wolf – Ghost Song chords

As there are no real chords in this song, I'd advise you to play just the note root & 
fith of a chord, else it may sound ugly

verse chords (c5, d#5 & f5) can also be played as full major chords
chorus chords (d#5, d5, c5) can also be played as D#, Dm and Cm. Not sure about that, though

C5 D#5 F5 (repeat)While I'm asleep
My spirit crawls out Of my belly button And goes down to the sea To gather the wind The wires and the shore To wander the hills Like a day gone before (chorus)
D#5 D5 C5When beauty was in season
Oh! Beauty in season! Endangered by reason Great love with no law
C5 D#5 F5Today I woke
And my spirit was gone Still on the shore Where he truly belongs So I call For him Across The wind And Rain
D#5 D5 C5To come and bring beauty
Back in season Oh! Beauty in season! I'm in danger of reason Losing love to this law
C5 D#5 F5 until endTo this....
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