Paul Baloche – Hallelujah To My King chords


Intro: E/// C#m/A2/ E/// C#m/A2/ ///

Verse 1:

/ C#m BOh how strong the power of Jesus' name
A2 E B2susIt is stronger than any other name
C#m BHow sweet the victory that bore my shame
A2 E B2susTook the burden of my sin away
E A2Hallelujah, what a Savior
E B2susI owe everything to Him.
C#m A2Hallelujah, what a Savior
E B2sus C#m/// A2/// ///Hallelujah to my King
Verse 2:
/ C#m BOh how great the kindness our God has shown
A2 E B2susWe were strangers, now we're called His own
C#m BHis grace has welcomed the sinner home
A2 E B2susTender mercies lead us to The Throne
Verse 3:
/ C#m BOh what peace the Spirit of Jesus brings
A2 E B2susthrough the trials He will carry me
C#m BOne day, in Heaven, our eyes will meet
A2 E B2susFilled with wonder, all the saints will sing
C#m/// A2/// C#m A2Hallelujah! Hallelujah to my King!
Order of song: Intro E: 022100 Verse 1 A2: 002200 Chorus C#m: 046600 Verse 2 B: -24402 (easier when coming off C#m) Chorus B2sus: 044400 (easier when coming off E or A2) Bridge Verse 3 Chorus Bridge Sorry about all the slashes; I'm a bit OCD about the counting on this one. Just note that each "/" is a beat or quarter note, and I always count the chord symbol as a beat. Confused yet? :D
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