All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises chords with lyrics by Paul Baloche - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paul Baloche – All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises chords

(Intro) :E B2 C#m A2 A2/F# A2:
E5 E5/B C#m You took, You take our sins away oh God
E5 E5/5 C#mYou give and gave Your life away for us
A2 C#mYou came down, You saved us thru the cross
A2 B2Our hearts are changed because of Your great love
E5 E5/F# C#m A2You lived, You died, You said in three days You would rise
E5 E5/F# C#m B2 A2You did, You're
E5 E5/F# C#m A2You rule, You reign, You said You're coming back again
E5 E5/F# C#m A2I know You will and all the earth will sing Your praises
(Repeat Intro) (Verse)2
E5 E5/B C#m No one, No name can rise above You Lord
E5 E5/B C#m One hope, One life will shine forever more
A2 C#mYour kingdom in heaven and on earth
A2 B2Your children stand to sing of Your great worth
(Repeat Chorus) (Solo Chords) :E B2 C#m A2 A2/F# A2:
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