Paul Baloche – Yahweh chords

I found the complicated chords to this song, but as somewhat of a beginner, 
wanting to play this song NOW, i just turned the Dm to D's, the Gmaj7 
minormajorabcdidk.. into the basics. It sounds great! 

Palm Mute verses! (:
Capo 2

Verse 1:(
G CPraise is rising, eyes are turning to you
Gwe turn to you.
G CHope is stirring, hearts are yearning for you
Gwe long for you.
D C G'Cause when we see you, we find strength to face the day
D C G and in your presence, all our fears are washed away,
Dwashed away
Chorus:(g)= lift finger off of A string, that's all that changes.
G (g) Em C G Hosan-na, Hosan-na, you are the God who saves us,
D CWorthy of all our praises
G (g) Em C G DHosan-na, Hosan-na, come have your way among us,
Em CWe welcome you here Lord, Jesus.
Verse 2:
G CHear the sound of hearts returning to you
GWe turn to you
G CIn your Kingdom, broken lives are renewed
GYou make them new.
(pre chorus) (Chorus)
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