Paul Baloche – Praise Adonai chords

 This is my first tab and im also 100% sure that these chords are right; but of 
course always room for improvement so feel free to email me at,..... In the intro and other parts actually, take off the 
first finger toward the end of that chord, except E7

 No Capo
Intro: AM  F  C  G  G E7

Am F C G G E7 Who is like him, Lion and the Lamb, seated on the throne?
Am F C G G E7 Mountains bow down, every ocean roars, to the Lord of Host
F Am G G C Em Praise Adonai, from the rising of the sun, to the end of every day
F Am G G G E7 Praise Adonai, all the nations of the earth, all the angels and the saints
F AM Sing Praise
Instrumental Am F C G G E7 Repeat verse again after instrumental then chorus 2x on 2x do sing praise then go 2 praise adonai...... Enjoy Praising Adonai
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