Paul Baloche – What Can I Do chords


What can I do? by Paul Baloche

Capo 1st 

Intro: G C G Em7 C G Dsus4 D Em7 C G Dsus4 D G

Verse 1
G C GWhen I see the beauty of a sunset glory
C DAmazing artistry across the evening sky
Am7 GWhen I feel the mystery of a distant galaxy
C Am7 D It awes and humbles me to be loved by a God so high
G C GWhat can I do but thank you
Em7 C GWhat can I do but give my life to you
Dsus D Em7 CHallelujah, Hallelujah
G Am7 GWhat can I do but praise you
Em7 C GEveryday make everything I do
Dsus D Em7 C G Dsus D G (Ending Em7 C)A hallelujah, A hallelujah, Hallelujah
(Instrumental - Em7 C G/B D Em7 C G Dsus4 D
Am7 GWhen I hear the story of a God of mercy
C DWho shared humanity and suffered by our side
Am7of the cross they nailed you to
GThat could not hold you
CNow you're making all things new
Am G D Em7 DBy the pow'r of the risen life
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