Paul Baloche – First Love chords

First Love 
by Paul Baloche 

Intro: F Bb F Bb

Verse 1: 
Bb F Bb FLight the candle, stir the flame
Bb F Bb C2Let the sword of Your word pierce my heart again
F C DmHoly Spirit move in me
GmDraw me close to your heart
Bb C2Where I need to be
Bb C2 FFirst love Jesus my Savior
Bb C2 FMy one desire is to love You more
Gm-Am Bb FFirst love Lord make me faithful
Gm C2 F Bb F BbI want You always to be my first love....
*if you Capo 1 and play open power chords in the key of E sounds nicer, closer to the recording.
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