Paul Baribeau – The Wall chords

G A Em x2

A GIn your room, headphones on
A GYou sing soft, and I sing along
EmThrough the wall.
G A C B A GThrought the waaaaaallllll.
A GIn your shower, try not to wonder.
ATry not to listen
G EmBut my mind wanders through the wall.
G AThrought the waaaaallllll.
C B AIf I had any guts at all
G A Em x2
c B Can't resist it
APress right up against it
G A GWhen you can't sleep, I can't sleep
A GI swear I feel, your heart beat
EmThrough the wall
G AThrough the waaaalllll.
C B AMake my heart a wrecking ball,
GSmash right through the wall.
G A Em x2
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