Paul Brady - Smile chords

D BmThey say the world is heading for a breakdown
G DNo more safe ground anymore
D BmJust one little slip and we’d all be gone without a trace
GBut when I see your face I just have to
Bm F#mForget for a little while
BmWhat can I do?
Bm EmLive in the here and now
A For me and for you
D BmA long time ago way back in the beginning
G DThey thought the ending was getting near
D BmBut now we know that every time the darkness comes
GThat old morning sun will surely rise and
Bm F#mDoin’ its thing in style
BmWhatever they say
Bm EmWe’re only here a while
A Time ticking away
G F# Bm I could be just a dreamer
G F# Em A But I say the grass looks greener when you
Bm DJust for a little while
Bm Forget what they say
Bm DDo what you do in style
BmDo it today
Bm DTake it the extra mile
BmIt’ll be ok
Bm DLove in the here and now
BmLet’s get out and play
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